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We provide a wide-range of dental services to patients of all ages.

From first check-ups to oral surgeries, our experienced dental team ensures that all our patients are treated like family.

We offer Complimentary Valet parking for patients in our office.

MAC Dental Care

You take your child to the pediatrician for health care needs that require age-based specialists, and you should treat your child’s oral health needs no differently. Without proper dental care, your child is at risk for developing oral health problems that can cause the need for a lifetime of treatment. Luckily, they can receive specialized and gentle dental care from our kind and caring pediatric dentist!

The key to a healthy life is a healthy smile. However, achieving and maintaining optimal oral and overall health takes more than just brushing and flossing daily. You also need to visit a general or family dentist at least twice a year for dental exams, cleanings, and more!

Your smile is more important than you may think. In fact, 99.7% of adults think a great smile is an important social asset. However, there is no need to worry if you are unhappy with your smile. Our experienced cosmetic dentist can help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve been dreaming of!

Susan M. Patient

I never thought I could find a great dentist for both my kids and myself, but I found one at MAC Dental. Going to the dentist has never been easier!

Susan M.